Easing re-entry restriction for foreigners having residence status in Japan

Easing re-entry restriction for foreigners having residence status in Japan

So far, Japan in principle has refused re-entry of foreigners from the 129 countries and territories including the United States, China, Korea, European countries,… However, but the government recently announced the new policy to soften re-entry ban for foreigners who had a residence status in Japan from August by stages. Among foreigners who left the country before April 3rd, only foreign students, permanent residents and Japanese spouses are subjects of this policy…

Other residence status holders other than the above-mentioned ones such as the high specialist, skill trainee, etc. are the next targets.

The new policy aims to ease restrictions by stages starting from countries and territories with fewer new COVID-19 cases. Along with Vietnam, Thailand, Australia, the New Zealand where travel for business purposes has partially resumed; China, Korea, Taiwan, etc. will soon be the next candidates for easing due to the schedule.

Among foreigners who hold residence status, people who have departed Japan with Re-entry Permission after April 2nd has rised up to 90,000 people. Re-entry will require PCR testing for the coronavirus.

Currently, airport PCR testing capacity is 2300 people per day, however the government plans to expand this capacity twofold to 4000 per day. To ramp up testing capacity to 10,000 perday for Narita, Haneda and Kansai airports in September, the government will set up PCR testing centers at these airports to administer PCR tests for the new coronavirus.




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