Census 2020ーResponse Request Leaflet for Foreign Nationals Living in Japan

The Japanese government will be conducting a Census on October 1, 2020.
The Census is the most important statistical survey and is held once every five years.

The results of the Census will be used for measures such as city planning to make life easier for foreign residents.
The Census covers everyone that has lived or plans to live in Japan for more than three months, regardless of nationality. Everyone that is covered is legally obliged to respond, so please be sure to do so.
Your responses will only be used to create statistics and will not be used in any way for immigration control, police investigations, or other such purposes. 

You can also respond to the Census online. Online Response Period (Monday, Sept 14 to Wednesday, Oct 7)

When the Census survey documents arrive at your home, access the Response Site, and follow the instructions on the screen to respond to the Census. Please use the internet to make your responses.
To respond, you will require the “Login ID” and “Access Key” noted in the “Online Response Guide” which you will find in the “Census Survey Document Envelope” that is distributed to you.


求人情報サイト運営事業 ベトナム人留学生及び日本国内転職者の就職支援、 株式会社ポケットは、日本で学びたい・働きたいと考えているベトナム人を支援する会社です。在日ベトナム人の総数は約26万人(2017年12月末現在)おり在留外国人比率では第3位でありながら、公共機関を始め生活の基盤となる施設や設備においてベトナム語に対応しているところは非常に少ないです。 そうした住みづらく働きづらい環境から来日後に様々な問題に直面する人々が増えていますが、当社は来日してくれたベトナム人が抱える様々な社会問題を解決すべくサービスを始めています。言語・風習・文化など様々な違いがありますが、日本の産業が発展していく上でお互いのことを理解しなければいけません。その助けになれるように社員一丸となって取り組んで参ります。